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  • Product NameHectorite((Mg2.67Li0.33)Si4Na0.33[F0.5-1(OH)0-0.5]2O10)
    CAS No.12173-47-6
    Purity99% min
    Min Quantity100Metric Tons
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    Detailed Description

    1. Chemical composition:

    SiO2, (55 ~ 57) %;
    MgO, (23.5 ~ 25.0) %;
    Na2O, (2.8 ~ 3.8) %;
    Li2O, (1.2 ~ 1.5) %;
    F, (5-5.8) %.

    2. Similar foreign brand: Laponite, Laponite RD.

    3. Description:

    Hectorite (Magnesium lithium Silicate) is a synthetic layered silicate. It is insoluble in water but hydrates and swells to give clear and colorless colloidal dispersions. At concentrations of 2% or greater in water, highly thixotropic gels can be produced.

    4. Range of Applications:

    Hectorite (Magnesium lithium silicate) is used for imparting a shear sensitive structure to a wide range of waterborne formulations.

    These include household and industrial surface coatings, cleansers, ceramic glazes agrochemical, oilfield and horticultural products.
  • Hectorite((Mg2.67Li0.33)Si4Na0.33[F0.5-1(OH)0-0.5]2O10)
  • Hectorite((Mg2.67Li0.33)Si4Na0.33[F0.5-1(OH)0-0.5]2O10)